Our Brand

"When I started my clothing line journey, my focus was on women because women inspire me. From their curves, to their hair, to the way they carry themselves. When a woman loves herself unconditionally, flaws and all, you look past the outfit. Because regardless of what she is wearing, she wears confidence. Women like that, they are my muse." Designer of RIO by O, Olivia Irene Reason

RIO By O was birthed in the Bay Area and is sustainably made in New York and California. On May 22, 2020, RIO by O launched The Heart Luxe Collection, an elevated womenswear line designed for women who believe in quality, sustainability, and self-expression. 

In August of 2020, RIO by O launched The Soul Essential Collection. The Soul Essentials is our premium unisex line made for everyday wear that is produced in small quantities to remain sustainable.